Ice and Water Shield

Ice and Water Shield is a membrane that is laid under shingles to prevent leaking and ice dam damage in leak-prone areas. This is an added layer of protection that we highly recommend when re-roofing your home or office. It also prevents wind-driven rain from working its way under shingles and causing leaks by adding an extra layer of defense.

Is it necessary?

The answer to this question will depend on various factors. When we take a look at your project, we will advise you properly so that you can make a decision regarding this extra layer of protection. Our highly trained staff knows what to look for and will develop a plan to add ice and water shield wherever needed.

Does it Work?

Absolutely. Ice and Water shield products are specifically designed to add a layer of protection that shingles don't necessarily offer. Under normal circumstances water simply runs down the overlapped shingle roof, but in extreme conditions a shingle roof can allow water to flow under the laps. This means that the added layer protects your home or office by keeping the water from penetrating into your home.

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